Windshield Replacement And Crack Repair 101

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Windshields represent one of the strongest yet most vulnerable parts of vehicles. They get exposed to a variety of things such as harsh weather and flying debris as small as a pebble. Airborne pebbles can strike these strong and durable portions of vehicles and cause damage. There are other things that can cause windshield damage too including deliberate acts such as vandalism.

Many of the damage that occurs to windshields can be repaired. The issue is that some drivers delay because they do not realize the importance of timely repairs. The type of damage and its location are determining factors in whether or not the damage can be repaired or whether a windshield replacement will be needed. The following points represent some unique things that every car owner should know about windshield cracks.

Windshield Crack Repair Limitations

There have been a number of advancements in auto glass repair over the years. Technology has made it possible for windshield repairs and replacements to get performed without car owners ever needing to go to an auto glass shop. Auto glass technicians can complete mobile services at the designated location chosen by customers. Technology has also made it possible for complex damage to be repaired whereas in yesteryear some complex damage would have been deemed too risky to repair.

Windshield replacements were usually recommended for elongated cracks. Today, those cracks pose the same dangers if they are not repaired in a timely manner. However, it is possible to repair longer cracks using modern techniques. The issue is that some drivers delay requesting repairs and the cracks might get contaminated with dirt or other substances. This could interfere with the crack filling agents making a secure seal. It might warrant a replacement due to delayed repair requests.

Windshield Crack Repair and Extreme Temperatures

Extremely hot or cold weather can both wreak havoc on windshields. Extreme cold can cause cracks to expand due to the fluctuations of heat from the vehicle when running or using the defrost. The natural and mechanical processes can cause the fragile glass to contract and expand. Extreme heat can also cause expansion as the heat rises in the interior of a vehicle the pressure in the cabin portion can produce enough pressurized heat to encourage a crack to spread. 

Windshield Cracks and Structural Integrity

Cracked windshields do not offer the same protection as intact windshields, and they are sensitive to normal driving conditions. Hitting potholes while driving a car with a cracked windshield can result in the crack getting worse. If a vehicle with a compromised windshield is involved in an accident, the windshield could cave in or fail to offer protection. Deployed airbags might not work as intended if a vehicle has a damaged windshield. An auto glass technician is a good resource to use to determine if a windshield can be repaired or if the damage is too severe and require a windshield replacement.

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