3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Mobile Auto Glass Replacement Service

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Have you recently had your windshield damaged by hail or by a flying rock that hit the window? Do you now need to have the glass replaced, but you're not sure how you're going to get the time to do this? Although your parents and grandparents might have needed to block out hours or even whole days to have their auto glass replaced, this isn't something that needs to happen in modern times. There are professionals who will come to you and replace your glass for you instead of you needing to take your vehicle to them. Some of the advantages of this option include:

Speedy service: With more traditional window replacement services, you're often supposed to drop your vehicle off in the morning and then you can get it again in the afternoon or evening. Being without a vehicle for this long can be frustrating and isn't always doable for everyone. A mobile service will have a set time of arrival; sometimes they can show up within a couple of hours of you calling them and will be finished with the job much more quickly. This will allow you to know exactly when you'll be able to get back on the road again. 

No towing: If the damage is serious enough, there's a good chance that it's not only illegal for you to drive, but also that it would be impossible for you to do so. Under these circumstances, the only way to get your vehicle to a repair shop would be to pay a towing company to take it there. Having to arrange an extra step results in great inconvenience that can add even more stress to an unfortunate situation. With mobile window replacement services, they will be coming to you on your schedule so that you don't have to deal with the extra step of finding a towing company.

Lower cost: When comparing the costs of various window replacement services, you shouldn't look at only the cost of the actual replacement. There are a number of reasons why the mobile service might look like it costs more, but looks can be deceiving. For instance, if you need to get your vehicle towed or will need to take a taxi to and from the traditional auto glass shop, these are all things that add to the cost. Once you add everything together, it's likely that you'll find out that the mobile service is the most affordable option.